orthopaedic doctor in Jalandhar

orthopaedic doctor in jalandhar

A large portion of disabled patients think about taking knee replacement surgery. Still, they refuse to go for it because they are scared by the myths that are heard by them or their friends and family about Knee Replacement Surgeries, but unfortunately because of no clear-cut information the patients get confused in deciding whether to go for the surgery or not.

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As a discipline, Orthopaedics is immensely vast. The patients that come looking for ‘Ortho’ services could vary from trauma to age-related ailments. At DMC Hospital and Trauma Centre, we have a highly qualified and experienced Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. S.S. Dhingra. We provide comprehensive care in the areas of Joint Replacement, Hip Surgeries, Knee Surgeries, and Sports Injuries. We cover the entire Orthopedic Spectrum, Diagnosis, Discharge, Rehabilitation, and Wellness with great expertise in Arthroscopy and Minimally Invasive Surgeries. orthopaedic doctor in jalandhar

orthopaedic surgeon in jalandhar


Myths and Facts of Knee Replacement:
The most common myths that are heard by the patients for taking knee replacement surgery are as follows:

#1.Myth: I will not be able to bend my knee properly post surgery.

Fact: You can easily bend your knee after the surgery. There is going to be no problem with any sort of movement.    

orthopaedic surgeon in jalandhar

orthopaedic specialist in jalandhar

orthopaedic doctor in jalandhar
orthopaedic specialist in jalandhar

#2.Myth: Only adults can go for a knee replacement surgery.

Fact: NO! There is no restriction to be an adult to undergo a knee replacement surgery. If it is required and your orthopaedic doctor suggest, then you can definitely go for a knee replacement surgery even at a younger age.   

#3.Myth: There will be a lot of side effects of inserting foreign metal objects in my body.

Fact: The prosthetic knee replacement parts are made of a unique metal that is friendly with our body, and it can stay in shape without causing any adverse effects.

#4.Myth: I will need regular physiotherapy sessions after the surgery and the recovery is very slow.

Fact: Almost 99% of the patients do not need a physiotherapist. After the knee replacement, the Orthopaedic doctors educate the patient on how to exercise, and the patient needs to practice at home. Roughly 90% of patients start walking properly just after four weeks of their treatment.

#5. Myth: There is a high risk of failure in Knee replacement surgery.

Fact: The only risk in the whole surgery is infection but the chances of having an infection are very rare.

#6. Myth: One can’t drive after a knee replacement surgery.

Fact: Driving becomes very easy because it doesn’t come among those works that exert pressure on the knees. Generally most patients start driving within 6-8 weeks post surgery.

#7. Myth: If a person has diabetes and high blood pressure, he/she cannot undergo knee replacement surgery.

Fact: Diabetes or high blood pressure is no longer a bar for a knee replacement surgery. The Orthopaedic doctor diagnoses the patient before conducting the surgery and they are given required medicines. They are given pre-anesthetic medication. If the diagnosis report signals a “yes”, then knee replacement is easily possible.

#8. Myth: If I get knee replacement once, It cannot be done the second time.

Fact: This statement is completely false; knee replacement surgery is also possible for the second time. Which is specifically called a Revision Joint Replacement Surgery.

#9. Myth: In Knee replacement surgery the Orthopaedic doctor removes the whole knee and implants a new knee.

Fact: This is not true at all! The Orthopaedic doctors don’t replace the complete knee. It is only worn-out at particular surfaces of the bones. Generally, 8-9 mm is removed and replaced with artificial ones. So, technically it is more like a REPAIR rather than a REPLACEMENT. A complete knee replacement surgery is also possible but it is very rare.

#10. Myth: Knee replacement surgery only lasts for 10 years.

Fact: After the introduction of modern-day computer-assisted knee replacement techniques, today’s joint replacements last from 20 to 25 years and for many people, it can last for a lifetime.

#11. Myth: I am too old for a knee replacement surgery.

Fact: Age does not matter for a knee replacement operation. If a person is clinically fit, then he/she can easily undergo knee replacement surgery. Some patients underwent knee replacement even around the age of 85 years and are happily spending their life.

#12. Myth: Knee replacement is very painful and one has to suffer pain after the surgery while recovering.

Fact: Modern-day technology makes sure that the patient does not feel any pain during surgery and Anesthesia is obviously given before the surgery to provide a painless operation.

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orthopaedic doctor in jalandhar