Phacoemulsification with Foldable IOL's

Best Stitchless cataract surgery in jalandhar

At DMC Hospital Jalandhar we have The Oertli Catarhex Surgical System which is one of the most advanced technologies for Cataract Surgery.

Through this technology, a very small incision in the cornea is required to remove the cataract from the eye. Through this ultra-small incision, a very high-frequency MICS Phaco tip is introduced inside the eye, breaking the hardest of cataracts into very small fragments which are sucked out through the same tip.

Irrigation is provided through a separate side port. This arrangement provides the advantage of a speedy recovery, faster healing, and lesser surgery-induced astigmatism. The surgery involves the insertion of a foldable Intra-Ocular lens which can be inserted through this incision.

We are handling a variety of Cataract cases and have given complete satisfaction to thousands of patients who have chosen us

Types of Intra-Ocular Lenses (IOL) for Cataract Surgery:-

We have handled many cases of Cataract surgery and have given complete satisfaction to thousands of patients who have chosen DMC Eye care center.


DMC Eye Care center in Jalandhar is also equipped with the World’s  best Lieca Surgical microscope. DMC eye center uses Sonomed A scan (Contact and Immersion) for the calculation of IOL (Lens) power.


DMC Hospital has skilled and experienced surgeons and a trained team that together can take care of patients and makes it a unique and safe experience for them.


Safe and stitchless cataract surgery has given smiles to thousands of patients undergoing cataract surgery. 


With all these years of experience, the center has emerged as one of the best Cataract surgery centers in Jalandhar, fully equipped for handling complications


Hydrophilic foldable IOL

Hydrophilic Acrylic Foldable Intraocular lens (IOL) is an ultraviolet light filtering posterior chamber lens. It is designed to be positioned in the lens capsule where the lens can replace the optical function of the natural crystalline lens in the human eye.



  • Clear Hydrophilic
  • 26% Water Content
  • 360° Advanced Square edge

Hydrophobic Foldable IOL

It is made from pure acrylic polymer with the process of proprietary cryo-lathing with no glistening.


  • Excellent quality of vision and increased contrast sensitivity.
  • Polished smooth Hydrophobic optics help delay PCO and haptic for ease of unfold
  • Optics is YAG Laser Compatible.

Aspheric foldable IOL

It t is used to protect the retina from the harmful blue light of the visible spectrum. These lenses are in both yellow tints and normal transparent forms that give an effective blue light filter on the eye.


  • Improved contrast sensitivity
  • Enhanced functional vision
  • Superior night driving ability

Toric foldable IOL

Our eyes can have two types of power, spherical power which is because of the natural lens, and cylinder power which is because of the dissymmetry in the curve of the cornea. 


Monofocal and Multifocal Lenses can correct the spherical component of the eye leaving behind the cylinder power which later can be corrected by additional prescription glasses. 


Toric foldable lenses help in correction of the astigmatism (cylindrical power) to help the patient see clearly.

Best Stitchless cataract surgery in jalandhar

Multifocal Foldable IOL

Multifocal IOLs help in the restoration of vision for both near and distance. 

Multifocal lenses provide you the clear vision without glasses for both near and distance and can be customized to your active lifestyle.

Best Stitchless cataract surgery in jalandhar

Best Stitchless cataract surgery in jalandhar

Best Stitchless cataract surgery in jalandhar

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