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Cataract Myths and Facts  by the Best Eye Specialist in Jalandhar Dr. Damanjot Dhingra.

Cataract is an eye disease in which your eye’s natural lens becomes cloudy. The proteins in your lens break down and cause everything to look blurry, hazy, or less colorful. Always take preventive measures as “Precaution is Better Than Cure.” But if you need expert opinion , consult Dr. Damanjot Dhingra, the Best Eye Specialist in Jalandhar. 

Dr. Damanjot Dhingra is a trusted ophthalmologist practicing at DMC Hospital and Trauma Centre, The Best Hospital in Jalandhar, Punjab. Dr. Damanjot Dhingra provides a complete cure to all eye-related problems.

Cataract has a lot of Myths roaming around it, but most are false or just partially correct.

So, here is a small list of some myths with the fact.

#1. Myth: Cataract is an old age problem

Fact: Most cataracts are senile but can occur at any age. They can also be congenital or caused by steroid intake, injury, diabetes, or eye inflammations.

#2. Myth: Cataract can be prevented by medicines, diet, eye exercise, or yoga and can be cured by eye drops, diet, or yoga.

Fact: There is no medical cure or prevention for cataract. The only definitive treatment is cataract surgery. To your surprise, some early cataracts may never grow and may never require any treatment if they are not causing any difficulty in the vision.

#3. Myth: Cataract surgery should be delayed and done only when it matures or ripens.

Fact: Best time to get the surgery done is when you start having early vision problems. There is no point in delaying the surgery too much as the ultrasonic system works faster and is safer on softer cataracts than hard or mature ones.

best eye hospital in jalandhar

Best Hospital in Jalandhar
Best Hospital in Jalandhar

Best Hospital in Jalandhar

Best Hospital in Jalandhar
Best Hospital in Jalandhar

#4. Myth: Phacoemulsification cataract surgery is painful, and its recovery takes a long time.

Fact: The complete surgery takes around 15mins on a table and is done as a daycare surgery. Usually, the surgery is performed by giving local anesthetic eye drops, which refrains the doctor from using injections, pads, and bandages. Patients can do their routine activities from the next day itself and resume work in a few days.

#5. Myth: Spectacles are usually never needed after Cataract surgery.

Fact: We aim at getting rid of spectacles after cataract surgery, but it may not be possible for various reasons. Monofocal intraocular lenses are suited well for distance but you may have to wear reading glasses. The multifocal intraocular lens gives freedom from both far and nearsighted glasses after cataract surgery or decreases dependence on them. But these multifocal lenses are not suitable for everyone, so the doctor needs to decide after examining your eyes.

#6. Myth: Cataract can reoccur or regrow.

Fact: Cataract never regrows. Sometimes after surgery, the capsule behind the intraocular lens becomes cloudy. It can be permanently treated by a minor laser procedure in the OPD.

#7. Myth: Safedmotia-bind and Kalamotia-bind are related to each other.

Fact: Both of them are not related to each other. Safedmotia-bind is a Cataract-cloudiness or opacity in the eye’s lens and causes blurring of vision or glare. The treatment is surgery and can fully restore the vision if the retina is healthy. Kalamotia-bind is glaucoma where the eye pressures become high and slowly damaging the optic nerve. For many years patient would not notice the problem as the vision decreases gradually from the periphery of vision. If detected late, the damage to the optic nerve is irreversible; hence, early detection is a must. The treatment for glaucoma is either medical eye drops, laser, or surgery to keep the eye pressure under control.

If you live in Jalandhar or nearby areas and facing any of the above conditions or have suffered from them in the past and looking for the Best Hospital in or near Jalandhar ,then schedule an appointment with Dr. Damanjot Dhingra.

The Best Eye Specialists in Jalandhar Punjab. Dr. Damanjot Dhingra is a trusted ophthalmologist practicing for the past 20 years at DMC Hospital and Trauma Centre, Jalandhar, Punjab. You can also check our website and read the patient testimonials to help you make an informed decision.

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