Best Eye care center in Jalandhar

Eye care center in Jalandhar

Best eye specialist in Jalandhar

DMC Hospital & Trauma Center is the best eye care center in JALANDHAR. It has a dedicated team to serve the society with the most experienced eye specialist Our professional and ethical amalgamation makes us the first option for ophthalmic care in Jalandhar. With newest eye care technology, premium facilities, friendly responsive staff, experienced eye specialists, and patient-centric clinicians, we aim to encourage a unique ophthalmic care platform offering high values while having hand-picked workforce to keep up this cause of ours.

Our Eye Clinic in Jalandhar makes an effort to provide the best eye care to its patients. We offer a whole range of ophthalmic services right from best eye checkups to stitchless cataract surgery, and several other treatments under one roof. Every eye is unique; we, therefore, provide unmatched eye care in Jalandhar through a strong service-oriented team so that people can be free from preventable and curable blindness.  Are you looking for an eye hospital in Jalandhar?

 DMC has a team of experienced eye specialist and excellent surgeon staff which makes us one of the best eye care center in JALANDHAR.

Eye Care Tests

Your eyesight is an essential sense. The much bigger part of the brain is dedicated to vision than any other sense of the body. However, some eye illnesses can result in vision loss, so it’s far critical to pick out and treat eye diseases as early as possible. You should get your eyes checked as frequently as your eye doctor recommends or when you have any new vision problems. And just as it is essential to maintain your body healthy, it is equally important to maintain your eye care health.

Each person wishes to have their eyesight examined to check for vision and eye care problems. Youngsters usually have vision screening in school or at their eye care during a checkup. Adults can get vision screenings during their overall health checkups. However, many adults need more than a vision screening. They want a comprehensive dilated eye examination.

best eye specialist in jalandhar

Best eye doctor in jalandhar

eye care center in Jalandhar
eye care center in Jalandhar.

Getting complete dilated eye-care tests is especially vital because some eye diseases might not have cautious symptoms. Eye examinations are the most effective manner to detect these diseases in their early stages, while they are simpler to treat.

  1. A visual field test to measure your side (peripheral) vision. A loss of peripheral vision may be a signal of glaucoma.
  2. A visible acuity test, in which you examine an eye chart about 20 feet away, to test how properly you spot at diverse distances.
  3. Tonometry, which measures your eye’s indoor pressure. It allows hitting upon glaucoma.
  4. Dilation, which includes getting eye drops that dilate (widen) your pupils. This permits more light to go into the eye. Your eye care specialist examines your eyes using a special magnifying lens. This presents a clear view of critical tissues in the back of your eye, including the retina, macula, and optic nerve.

    If you have a refractive error then you will need glasses or contact lenses. When you have a routine eye care examination test, you glance through a tool that has lenses of different strengths to help your eye care specialist determine which lenses will provide you the clearest vision.

    At what age you need to begin getting these checks and how frequently you want them depends on many factors. They encompass your age and overall health. If you have diabetes, you must get an eye care examination every year. Stay in touch with your Doctor.


The Best eye specialist in Jalandhar has presented the following symptoms which are related to the vision problems of the children:

1) Poor performance in school.
2) Does not want to go to school.
3) Difficulty in focusing.
4) Facing problems while reading or writing something.
5) Has to exert pressure while seeing information on the chalkboard.
6) Vision problems (Blurry or Double).
7) Extreme headaches and eye pain.
8) Taking a great time to complete the simple homework.

Adults who wear contact lenses or glasses and who are over 60 should see their eye doctor every year or as directed by their doctor. If the patient doesn’t need any form of vision correction, those aged between 18 and 60 should visit their doctor at least twice per year.
This is because, by conducting an annual and thorough exam the doctor is able to identify invisible diseases like diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and many other eye disorders in the early stages. These diseases do not show any obvious symptoms and are difficult to identify without a thorough examination.
Heavy eyelids, itchy eyes, a burning sensation that is constant, as well as blurred vision are typical symptoms of dry eyes. Dry eyes is a condition that is prevalent among the elderly but, as we increase screen time, it is also becoming more prevalent in younger individuals.
When you discuss dry eyes, you should be able to share details about any health conditions that are underlying (e.g. thyroid, diabetes blood pressure, diabetes, etc.) because these conditions could affect the health of your eyes.
Are you also looking for the Best eye hospital in Jalandhar? Then your search is over here, At DMC Hospital and Trauma Centre, Jalandhar, we have made sure that every facility is available under one roof, and our patients don’t need to visit any other eye test center to undergo the diagnostic tests related to the various eye care problems.

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Patient Feedback After Successful Cataract Surgery

DMC HOSPITAL & TRAUMA CENTRE , a prestigious multi specialty hospital is situated in the heart of city of Jalandhar. A team of highly qualified doctors, supported by well trained paramedical staff work here tirelessly to provide world class health care facilities to the society at reasonable rates. The hospital is equipped with latest state of art diagnostic and therapeutic medical and surgical equipment to provide quality health care. It has a patient friendly environment and offers reliability, economy and convenience to the patients. The value of keeping the patient first has given it a unique place in the heart of its patients. DMC Hospital and Trauma Centre is situated approximately 3 KM from the Railway Station and the General Bus Stand. It is well connected with all types of local transport systems. DMC Hospital is one of the most ultra modern hospitals, equipped with high technological modern facilities, which are housed in a multi storied building for providing proper care to the patients. The hospital is well equipped to handle all types of Medical and Surgical emergencies.

Painful joints due to Trauma, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Infections & AVN in the human body lead to pain and Stiffness & hinder mobility. DMC Hospital is the Best Joint Replacement Hospital in Jalandhar which uses a multi-disciplinary treatment approach and never surgical techniques for total Joint Replacement. This leads to improved patient outcomes and satisfaction. Our team of experienced Surgeons, who performed over 1000 replacements in last years, are solely dedicated to treating your Joints problems in a comfortable environment.


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*Collaborative efforts from Anesthesia, Cardiology, Medicine & Orthopaedic department
*Efficient and effective recovery plans
*Improved management of post operative pain with PCA
*Computer assisted surgery (CAS)
*Minimally invasive approach ensures faster recovery with less pain
*Minimal risk of infection modular OT equipped with HEPA filter and laminar flow

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