When to See a Doctor for Orthopaedic Pain

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Joint pain may become a part of your daily life as you get older, but it doesn’t mean it’s normal. The truth is, it can be difficult to know for sure if you’re okay or if you need to visit an Ortho specialist.

Athletes or those who suffer from chronic injuries may be more familiar with when an injury is worth visiting an Ortho doctor. An Ortho doctor specializes in the health of your bones and joints, and the doctor you are used to visiting for a cold is not specialized in the field to understand your condition.

Some signs that indicate you need to visit an Ortho specialist now:

Persistent Soft Tissue Injury

A soft tissue injury, such as a sprained ankle, twisted knee, or a sore wrist, should be treated immediately using the RICE method – rest, ic compression, and elevation. If, after 48 hours, pain persists and swelling is still visible, set up an appointment with an Ortho specialist.

Chronic Joint Pain

Consistent pain in the joints or bones, specifically the neck, back, elbows, or knees, can mean a serious orthopedic issue. You may be suffering from osteoarthritis or an inflammatory disorder. An Ortho doctor will understand your symptoms and provide an accurate diagnosis so that you can be on your way to relief.

Decreased Range of Motion

Your joints allow you to move your limbs freely, so when these motions become difficult, it’s a sign to visit an Ortho specialist for proper treatment. Decreased range of motion can signify arthritis, another joint disease, or a joint injury. If it continues to persist, likely, it won’t go away on its own, and you’ll need to see an Ortho specialist. If the injury is left untreated, it can worsen or cause other issues.

Everyday Tasks Are Affected

Common run-of-the-mill joint pain can be normal but not so normal if it’s affecting your daily routine. Regular activities such as walking short distances, climbing stairs, getting in and out of bed, brushing your teeth – should all be done without any pain. If the pain sticks around while performing a day-to-day task, that means the injury is more serious than you may have thought.

Tingling in Hands or Fingers

Numbness in your hands, thumb, pointer, or middle fingers and feeling a tingling sensation can be a symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome. Dropping things often can also signify that you are suffering from Carpal tunnel syndrome. It can affect the nerve that runs through your wrist to your forearm and allows your fingers to feel, except your pinky finger. Many factors can result in this condition, but mostly include flexing the wrist repeatedly over long periods of time.

Ortho doctor in jalandhar


Ortho specialist in jalandhar

Ortho doctor in jalandhar

You’ll discuss your pain and discomfort with your Ortho doctor, and they will proceed to examine whatever is ailing you. They will be looking at your range of motion, strength, and that everything is functioning normally. If more information is needed, the specialist may order more tests to diagnose further your condition or injury, like an x-ray or MRI.

After your Ortho doctor has learned more about your injury and evaluated the findings of any tests, they will work with you to determine the best course of action for a treatment program. Often, you’ll be able to treat your injury with nonoperative methods such as rest, medication, injections, or a physical therapy and rehabilitation program. Your Ortho doctor will work with you to optimize your strength and flexibility and put together a program that may combine several treatment methods to have you feeling back to normal


When you’re dealing with pain, you may not find it severe enough to visit the Ortho doctor, but relief still can’t come soon enough.

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Ortho specialist in jalandhar

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