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DMC hospital is the best spine surgery hospital in Jalandhar. The Branch of Spine Care and spine Surgery gives the full spectrum of surgical care for spinal disorders for all ages, including low back pain, sciatica, spinal deformities, degenerative diseases, fractures, paralysis, tumors, and infections of the spine.

Spine injuries and disorders can be very painful, moderate your body movements, and sacrifice your quality of life. They can be the major reason for your mental and emotional distress. The Department of Spine Surgery at DMC Hospital Jalandhar focuses on delivering comprehensive and coordinated treatment to patients with complex spinal disorders.

We use up-to-date technology and clinical mastery to provide you long-term relief from all  your spine problems. DMC Hospital has the best spine specialists having years of experience and expertise in performing minimally invasive surgery for various spinal conditions like herniated disc, spinal stenosis, spinal fusion (degenerative disc), and spinal deformity (scoliosis, kyphosis, compression fractures, spinal tumors).

Minimally invasive spine surgery helps treat the most difficult spine disorders without disrupting the tissues surrounding the spine. It also helps the patient to recover quickly and return to his/her daily work developing many complications.

Our specialized team of doctors comprising of spine surgeons, pain specialists, physical & occupational specialists, intensivists, and nurses offers the safest and effective spine treatments. DMC Hospital in Jalandhar offers you individualized treatment plans that best suit your needs while keeping in mind your diagnosis, lifestyle, and professional requirements. Our doctors and staff offer round-the-clock services to help patients emergencies.

DMC HOSPITAL seeks to give advanced medical and surgical treatment for patients suffering from diseases and problems of the spine and chronic pain. 

Treatment is provided by advanced techniques and procedures, maintain accuracy and safety, and improve patient fitness. At DMC HOSPITAL  Jalandhar, Punjab.

we at DMC Hospital Jalandhar emphasize on non-invasive treatments and preventive medicine, up-to-date techniques, Spinal Cord Monitoring during all spinal surgeries and modern therapies, to help the patients to get a pain-free lifestyle.

Choose DMC Hospital (Best hospital for Spine Care and Surgery) because: ​

  • Most advanced latest techniques and procedures
  •  Spinal cord monitoring during all spinal surgeries
  •  Increased precision, accuracy and safety.
  •  Emphasis on non-invasive treatments and use of  preventive medicine.
  • Surgeries are done by Orthospine surgeons and Neurosurgeons as a team
spine surgery

We at DMC Hospital Jalandhar aim to help patients by giving expert surgical opinions, and when surgery is not required, we help them navigate other suitable options by connecting them with the appropriate spine care provider for their unique problem to get the best advice.

Patients who come to DMC Hospital finding surgical options or for consultation, benefit from a multidisciplinary team approach and get access to the entire breadth of care from our surgeons and doctors who are the leaders in quality enhancement and risk mitigation (reducing risks for patients).

Our spine team can manage each and every spine issue from the very simple to the extremely complex, seamlessly, all within the same health system.

  • Most advanced latest techniques and procedures
  •  Spinal cord monitoring during all spinal surgeries
  •  Increased precision, accuracy and safety
  •  Emphasis on non-invasive treatments and preventive medicine
  •  Done by Orthospine surgeons and Neurosurgeons as a team

Key Surgeries ​

  • Microscopic or mini-open Lumbar/ Cervical Discectomy
  • Percutaneous Transforming Lumbar Interbody Fusion
  • Disc Replacement Surgery
  • Kyphoplasty
  • Scoliosis/ Kyphosis Correction

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