Department of Joint Replacement​

Painful joints due to Trauma, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Infections & AVN in the human body lead to pain and Stiffness & hinder mobility. DMC Hospital is the Best Joint Replacement Hospital in Jalandhar which uses a multi-disciplinary treatment approach and never surgical techniques for total Joint Replacement. This leads to improved patient outcomes and satisfaction. Our team of experienced Surgeons, who performed over 1000 replacements in last years, are solely dedicated to treating your Joints problems in a comfortable environment.

Choose DMC Hospital because​

  •  Collaborative efforts from Anesthesia, Cardiology, Medicine & Orthopaedic department
  •  Efficient and effective recovery plans
  •  Improved management of post operative pain with PCA
  •  Computer assisted surgery (CAS)
  •  Minimally invasive approach ensures faster recovery with less pain
  •  Minimal risk of infection modular OT equipped with HEPA filter and laminar flow

Key Surgeries

  • Partial/ Total Knee Replacement
  •  Partial/ Total Hip Replacement
  •  Partial/ Total Shoulder Replacement
  •  Total Elbow Replacement
  •  Revision surgery of Knee/Hip