Department of Arthroscopy and Sports Injuries ​

The department of Arthroscopy and Sports Injuries treats the full range of Athletic injuries in children and adults, for both professional and recreational athletes and problems involving knee and shoulder joints in non-athletes. All major arthroscopic procedures of the Knee, Shoulder, Hip and Ankle are performed here. Our Surgeons also perform the most recently developed meniscal, cartilage and ligament reconstruction procedures.


Choose DMC Hospital because: ​

  • Resume daily activities sooner (Key Hole Surgery)
  •  Patients are allowed to go home either on same day or next day post surgery
  •  Minimally invasive diagnostic and treatment procedures
  •  Latest equipment, technique and expertise to handle these patients

Key Surgeries ​

  • Diagnostic Arthroscopy of Knee / Shoulder / Hip / Ankle
  •  ACL / PCL / MCL / LCL Repair / Reconstruction Menical injury Repair / Excision
  •  Cartilage Injury Treatment
  •  Recurrent dislocation of Patella Surgery (MPFL Reconstruction)
  •  Osteroarthritis Treatment / Frozen Shoulder Treatment
  •  Rotator Cuff repair, SLAP repair
  •  Recurrent dislocation of shoulder surgery (Bankart)
  •  Subacromial decompression